About H.M. Aarhønen

Hennes Majestet Aarhønen – The Civil Engineering Association is a student association for the students of the Master’s program in Civil- and Environmental Engineering (Bygg- og Miljøteknikk) at NTNU in Trondheim. Aarhønen’s main idea is that through fostering camaraderie, they aim to counteract excessive focus on academic subjects and contribute to enriching student life. Aarhønen ensures that the students in the civil engineering program develop both socially and academically during their years at NTNU. The student association organize academic and social events for the civil engineering students.

We offer a variarty of activites for all students connected to the master program in civil engineering and similar masterprograms that shares a lot of the same courses: 

MSCCE – Cold Climate Engineering (Nordic 5 Tech, the students are one year at NTNU, some in Svalbard, and one year at DTU): Academic overlap with marine construction engineering

MSCOMEMA – Coastal and Marine Engineering and Management (Erasmus Mundus, al students have their first semester at NTNU, then ECITC Caen, Genova or Catalonia): Academic overlap with marine construction engineering

MSB1 – Hydropower Development (2-year international master’s): Mainly held at Vassbygget, academic overlap with the study area water and environment, main profile watercourse engineering 

SENVIENG – Environmental Engineering (Nordic 5 Tech, students spend one year at NTNU and one year at Chalmers): Two fields of study, one at EPT (Residual Resources), the other at Vassbygget (Urban water). Urban water has a academic overlap with water technology (water and environment)

MSGEOTECH – Geotechnics and Geohazards (2-årig internasjonal master): Mainly based at Lerkendalsbygget, academic overlap with main profile geotechncs



Bjelkeklang is H.M. Aarhønen’s mixed choir. The choir gathers singing-loving construction students to practice once a week, in addition to coming up with lots of social activities together. We are easy to recognize in our checkered shirts and suspenders. The choir performs at events organized by H.M. Aarhønen, participates in choir weekends such as Korstock and SJUNGOM, and organizes its own concerts. Bjelkeklang is a choir for everyone who wants to sing, regardless of experience and level. Together we sing to please Her Majesty.

Bjelkeklang has practice once a week, Wednesdays 18.15 to 20.30 (followed by practice beer/drinks/water/soda at Lyche).


Dragern is a student orchestra with roots from Bygg- og Miljøteknikk at NTNU Gløshaugen. We consist of a social group that meets once a week for rehearsal. We participate in musical events, and are permanent fixtures at many of Aarhønen’s events. Dragern is also a natural recruitment arena for the revue band in Byggrevyen. The practice times for Dragern change every semester, depending on the timetable of the members. Follow along on instagram or join our facebook group to stay up to date!

All students at Building and Environmental Engineering who want to play an instrument are always welcome, regardless of skill level and instrument.

Do you need an instrument? We have many in stock, and we buy if we are short.

Aarhønen’s Cultural Theatre

Aarhønen’s cultural theater’s main focus is the annual staging of the construction revue at the beginning of February. We are a versatile and close-knit group for those of you who like acting, singing, dancing, music, bands, technical or just want to join the social side of welfare.

The review period is quite short and intense, as we begin the review period in January. Then we visit both cabin tours, writing sessions, rehearsals of singing, dancing, acting, band acts and technical training.

Sports and outdoor activities



Bjelkesyre is our very own training group! The group is a low-threshold offer for anyone who wants someone to train with, whether it’s running, strength or other fun exercise. Here there are no requirements for either strength, technique or fitness. Joint sessions open to all construction students at Gløshaugen are posted on Bjelkesyre’s Facebook page. Come along then!

FK Steindølene

FK Steindølene is Bygg- og Miljøteknikk’s official football team and currently consists of four different teams. Three men’s teams and one women’s team. Steindølene plays in Trondheim in its own student league.

Døla 1 and 2 have auditions and play 11s.

Døla 3 and Døla womens team are open to everyone regardless of skill level.

Aarhønen volleybal

Aarhønen volleyball is the student association’s own volleyball group where all civil engineering students with an interest in volleyball can join regardless of level. We have one to two training sessions a week as well as training matches every now and then. In training, we usually warm up before we have some technical exercises and a lot of games at the end. Training times are posted on Aarhønen volleyball’s Facebook and Instagram, feel free to follow us there! 


VandrendeBjelke organizes trips for all civil engineering student. Our goal is to create new friendships between students. The trips are organized across diffrent degree of difficulty, and the main focus is exciting and social trips. Vandrende Bjelke is led by a board that is responsible for keeping the group’s equipment in order and all the organizational aspects of the group. Under the board we have the tour leaders, who help organize one or two trips per semester. A tour leader is tasked with arranging tour meetings and planning and carrying out the trips. At the end of each semester, a tour leader meeting is held, where the next semester’s tour program is planned. Here everyone can meet and make suggestions for trips. VandrendeBjelke wants to have a broad tour program where everyone will find something they want to take part in, regardless of level and skill. The events will be posted on our Facebook page! So come and join us on a trip!


Intrested in participating?

Contact either the leader for the group here, or send a mail to skogvokter@aarhonen.no
We are looking forward to see you!